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25. Policy Makers or Policy Breakers: How our top-down policies are failing our grass-root solutions

25. Policy Makers or Policy Breakers

Institution: University of Ottawa

CSWB plan priority: Integrated and simpler systems

Project Term: Fall 2023

Course Code: SCS3130A

Professor: Joseph Sawan

Group Members: Melissa Laird


Background: Using socioeconomic analysis via the Ottawa Neighbourhood Study, the Ottawa Police Map, as well as ward Counsellors main concerns. I identified key policy failures at all levels of government.

Objective(s): I have identified several issues in the policies implemented at the municipal, provincial and federal levels when it comes to addressing and ensuring that basic human needs are met. The goal is to identify these failures and provide an even further detailed analysis.

Approach: 1.Neighbourhood Identification and information collected   2. identified key neighborhoods.  3. identified their access to resources   4. looked into why grass roots solutions have failed   5. provided an analysis of how new policies are needed.

Potential for Impact: Call for action from the City of Ottawa to implement their own policies on food security as well as access to shelter.


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