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CityStudio projects can occur through a number of different mechanisms, such as course-based experiential learning, practicum and co-op placements, and research collaborations.

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Do you teach an experiential or projects-based course and want to connect your students with real-world challenges?

CityStudio Ottawa is an opportunity for students to bring research, analysis, engagement, or design skills they are learning in their courses to City and community partners.

The role of the CityStudio Project Coordinator is to facilitate this collaboration. Our model can be tailored to ensure projects align with course needs and learning objectives.


Do you have creative ideas to tackle the pressing challenges faced by residents of the City of Ottawa?

We invite you to help us co-create an inclusive, sustainable, and healthier city!

By participating in a CityStudio project, you will:


  • Develop valuable competences (uOCompetences)

  • Gain real-world project experience

  • Widen your professional network

  • Become a more critical, participative, and committed citizen, 

  • Make a real difference to your community

City Staff

Do you work with the City of Ottawa and want to challenge yourself by thinking outside the box to find solutions for Ottawa’s priority issues?


Work with students and faculty to co-create pilot projects for the benefit of our community.

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