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23. Culinary Confidence - Reducing Food Insecurity

23. Culinary Confidence

Institution: University of Ottawa

CSWB plan priority: Financial security and poverty reduction

Project Term: Fall 2023

Course Code: SCS3130

Professor: Joseph Sawan

Group Members: Chanelle Hutchinson


Background: Post secondary students face significant food insecurity, with rates much higher than the general population. Students struggle with access to food, affordability, and the availability of nutritious food. These barriers range from financial restraints, to lack of awareness about available resources. This problem is essential to solving due to the need for good overall health for academic studies.

Objective(s): The objective is to reduce food insecurity among post-secondary students and equip them with essential food skills, budgeting strategies, and transferrable resource management tips through weekly educational workshops.

Approach: My approach involved understanding the current existing resources for students to access food around campus, and we noticed barriers around lack of availability and options that are too expensive for a student budget. Based on our findings, I decided on an educational approach so students could be in control of their nutrition, without having to rely on non-sustainable options.

Potential for Impact: The impact is that student will have the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about their nutrition, while creating community, long-term resilience, and empowerment. Students can better focus on their academics and overall well-being.



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