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22. Creating Awareness on Children's Health Rights

22. Creating Awareness on Children's Health Rights

Institution: Carleton University

CSWB plan priority: Mental well-being

Project Term: Winter 2024

Course Code: CHST 3103

Professor: Alexandra Arraiz-Matute

Group Members: Alexandra Henshaw, Mandy Mason, Madison Black, Sophia Goreski


Background: We want to educate children and youth about their medical rights and ability to give consent to their own medical care and treatment. We believe it's important to explain their rights as they approach adolescence.

Objective(s):The overall goal of our project is to educate high school-aged youth on their rights within the healthcare system as they approach the medical age of consent. This includes vaccines, birth control, puberty concerns, hormones, pregnancy testing, STDs, sexual education and mental health treatments.

Approach: The age group we chose is 12-18. We chose this range because we want to ensure that youth are informed about their rights before they reach the age of 16. Additionally, we also wanted our range to include youth 16 and older because some are not aware of the rights they have and are afraid to go get the help they need. The area we chose in Ottawa is Vanier because these neighbourhoods have low average incomes, high crime rates, homelessness and housing issues. We believe it is important that this area receives recognition and support for their youth.

Potential for Impact: The potential impact of our project is to help spread awareness about children and youth's health rights so that they understand that they have rights to make decision about their life.



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