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16. The Future of Ottawa: Reimagining the Downtown Core

16. The Future of Ottawa: Reimagining the Downtown Core

Institution: Algonquin College

CSWB plan priority: Integrated and simpler systems

Project Term: Fall 2023/Winter 2024

Course Code: DSN8014/DSN8023 Industry Project I & II

Professor: Jed Looker/Raphael Joseph

Group Members: Antionette Obiogbolu-Amadiume, Gitta Putri, Pristina Tan, Sourav Kumar,

Thejesh Mangamuri


Background: Following the slow post-pandemic economic recovery of the downtown core accentuated by hybrid work models, the city is prioritizing revitalizing the downtown core through enhanced young adult participation to boost business revenue, and tourism, improving safety and overall city image.

Objective(s): To understand young adults' motivations and barriers to participating in downtown Ottawa events and activities.  To use insights derived to design a solution that enhances young adult participation.

Approach: We collected data via surveys, participants, and SME interviews, and we realized we needed to ask additional questions to get better data mid-way and implemented. We analyzed data and drew insights that explained participation patterns of young adults. We presented to the clients for feedback.

Potential for Impact: The impact of a successful solution design is that it would stimulate economic growth in downtown by increasing foot traffic and boost business and tourism, enhance the city image, strengthen community cohesion and serve as a replicable revitalization model other Ottawa communities could adopt.


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