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06. A Follow-Up Evaluation of the Ottawa Paramedic Service’s Pilot Program: The Mental Wellbeing Response Team (MWRT)

06. Adapting the Response to Mental Health Emergencies in the Community

Institution: University of Ottawa

CSWB plan priority: Mental well-being

Project Term: Winter 2024

Course Code: MED 4502 - Eportfolio des compétences fondamentales partie II

Professor: Dr. Claire Kendall

Group Members: Marina Guirguis, Cara Pilgrim

City Leads: Logan Martin & Harpreet Grewal


Background: Launched in March 2022, the Mental Wellbeing Response Team (MWRT) is a pilot program delivered by the Ottawa Paramedic Service (OPS). The MWRT responds to non-violent, non-criminal 911 calls involving mental health & substance use. Following a medical & mental health evaluation of the patient, the team provides appropriate care & refers to mental health care in the community.

Objective(s): Support the OPS's MWRT evaluation framework & reporting to the Ministry of Health (MOH). Students help fulfil two pillars of the MOH’s approved quadruple aim framework - patient/caregiver satisfaction & provider satisfaction.

Approach: Disseminate surveys to gather feedback on the MWRT from patients/caregivers & service providers. Focus on satisfaction, sustainability, scalability, & overall experience   Conduct a data analysis & thematic analysis. Present results to OPS stakeholders   Results feature in MWRT’s reporting to the MOH.

Potential for Impact: By conducting patient and provider experience surveys, this project provides key performance metrics on a newly implemented model of care, improves crisis care in our community, provides opportunity for scale and spread of similar models provincially, and most importantly, includes the voices of living experience.


Community Partner: Ottawa Paramedic Service

Community Partner - Mission: N/A

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