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05. The Newcomer’s Guide to Employment in Ottawa

05. New to Ottawa? Let’s get you a job!

Institution: Carleton University

CSWB plan priority: Integrated and simpler systems

Project Term: Winter 2024

Course Code: BUSI 4709B

Professor: Sujit Sur

Group Members: Sukaina Rizvi, Falconer Bartfay, Willam Dupuis, Yue Wang, Rongqin Hu

City Lead: Nicole Redford


Background: This project focuses on enabling access to employment resources and services for newcomers to Ottawa, by integrating complex and disconnected information into a simple and easy-to-use online guide. The project aims to improve the quality of life and employment outcomes for newcomers.

Objective(s): Our objective is to integrate information on local employment services and resources into an easy-to-use guide for newcomers to better integrate and improve employment outcomes in Ottawa.

Approach: We researched newcomer needs, connected with settlement service providers and stakeholders such as the City of Ottawa, Ottawa Public Library, and OCISO to scope available resources. To solve the challenge of navigating unconnected resources to find information, they are merged into an accessible guide.

Potential for Impact: Enabling easy access to newcomers on job information and support facilitates integration into the community and improves employment outcomes, boosting the local economy. This guide can expand further to other categories, such as health, to integrate local resources and supports into simpler systems.



Community Partner: N/A

Community Partner - Mission: N/A

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