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02. The SATURN Method: Self Advocacy for Children and Youth in the Healthcare Setting

02. The SATURN Method: Self Advocacy in the Healthcare Setting

Institution: Carleton University

CSWB plan priority: Discrimination, marginalization and racism

Project Term: Winter 2024

Course Code: CHST 3103

Professor: Dr. Alexandra Arraiz Matute

Group Members: Chloe Sykes, Will Bordeleau, Jemma Woschitz, Natasha Kislev

City Lead: Hanan Ghazal


Background: Young people face unequal access to healthcare simply because they are young. They are positioned as being less capable of making decisions about themselves and their own bodies.

Objective(s): By providing youth with self-advocacy tools in an engaging presentation format, they will be better equipped to handle the marginalization they face in the healthcare setting.

Approach: Researching what methods have been used to teach self-advocacy in the healthcare, there were many for people with special health-care needs. However, there was a lack of programs designed for youth without specific needs. Using this, we took an evidence-based approach to developing our own modules.

Potential for Impact: By giving youth in Ottawa (target age grades 4-6) self-advocacy tools, such as "SATURN," they will be able to apply them in their interactions with the medical setting. This may lead to better care and increased comfortability and familiarity for young people with the medical setting.


Community Partner: City of Ottawa

Community Partner - Mission: N/A


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