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01. Empowering Electric Vehicle Adoption: Factors Influencing Residential Charging Infrastructure Development in Ottawa

01. Plugging into the Future

Institution: Algonquin College

CSWB plan priority: Integrated and simpler systems

Project Term: Fall 2023

Course Code: DSN8014/DSN8023 Industry Project I & II

Professor: Jed Looker & Raphael Joseph

Group Members: Andres Alvear, Luke He, Nungshi Singh, Panthi Chavda, Yash Gokhale

City Lead: Aditya Maddali


Background: The City of Ottawa aims to promote a green and resilient city by reducing emissions and improving key infrastructure. To achieve this, the City is developing a long-term plan for the development and implementation of policies and infrastructure that support the effective transition to EVs by 2035. Our project defines a solution to influence the effective adoption of electric vehicles (EV).

Objective(s): To understand the needs and perceptions of current and prospective EV owners in Ottawa, the challenges behind public and residential infrastructure implementation, and policies and barriers to adopting Electric Vehicles.

Approach: Systems thinking, Human Centered Design approach by keeping the residents of Ottawa at the centre of the solution space. Conducted outreach activities to survey, recruit, and interview participants. Interviewed 6 subject matter experts, such as the VP of EVCO, Tesla Program Manager of Global Supply Chain, and Battery Technology Expert.

Potential for Impact: This research can aid Canada's goal of 100% EV sales by 2035. Understanding EV owners' needs in Ottawa can inform targeted strategies, address infrastructure barriers, and enhance collaboration with Hydro. Analyzing policies can replicate successful strategies, accelerating EV adoption and sustainable transportation.


Community Partner: City of Ottawa

Community Partner - Mission: N/A

Full Report Here

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