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A trust-based partnership between the University of Ottawa and the City of Ottawa

Donne Darsi la mano

A celebratory showcase of projects co-created by our community partners, city staff, students, and faculty.

The How:
From Engagement to Impact

The CityStudio Ottawa model works through a project cycle where citizens come together to collaborate on projects and co-create solutions:

Convene municipal staff to brainstorm opportunities for collaboration.

Match opportunities with courses and form partnerships between faculty and staff.

Students design projects with support from CityStudio, faculty and staff partners

Students test their projects in the community and present their final projects.

Share all student work with staff partners and celebrate top projects with the community.

Our Vision

To work together for a more inclusive, sustainable, and healthier city. 

Our Mission

To inspire, connect and mobilize students, faculty, the city, and community members to collaborate on action to build a thriving Ottawa.

Our Focus

The priorities of Ottawa's Community Safety and Well-Being Plan.

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CityStudio Ottawa finds creative solutions to Ottawa's priority challenges by co-creating with our community. We're guided by Ottawa's Community Safety and Well-Being Plan which outlines how the City will work with community partners to improve the safety, health and well-being of Ottawa residents.

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