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28. “Settle in and stay well!" A Social Media Campaign to Increase Awareness of Respiratory Illnesses among Ottawa’s Newcomer Population

28. Raising Awareness of Respiratory Illnesses in Ottawa’s Newcomer Population

Institution: University of Ottawa

CSWB plan priority: Discrimination, marginalization and racism

Project Term: Fall 2023

Course Code: EPI 5271: Health Promotion

Professor: Dr. Alison Krentel

Group Members: Raj Hothi, Ronke Adebiyi, Mathankki Ramasamy


Background: Due to migration effects and limited awareness, a rising newcomer population faces an increased risk of respiratory illnesses like influenza, COVID-19, and RSV. This project aims to raise awareness about these illnesses and preventive measures, supporting the city’s efforts to combat marginalization.

Objective(s): Produce and share informative videos on social media. By the end of the flu season (Dec 2024), achieve a 50% reported increase in awareness of illnesses, prevention methods, and vaccine access.

Approach: Conducted literature reviews, identified a theoretical framework to leverage in the design of a social media campaign, engaged with the client (Ottawa Public Health) for advice and budget considerations, identified stakeholders, and developed a monitoring and evaluation plan.

Potential for Impact: At a local level: To ensure newcomers to stay informed about respiratory illnesses, understand their risks, and adopt prevention behaviors. At a system level: Reduce the burden of respiratory illness and seasonal epidemics within newcomer communities and on the healthcare system.


Check out our sample newcomer respiratory illness awareness video:

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