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26. Fighting period poverty in Ottawa; a partnership approach. The City of Ottawa Partners with non-for-profit organizations and social enterprises to offer affordable, high-quality menstrual products

26. Fighting period poverty in Ottawa, partnership with not-for-profits

Institution: Carleton University

CSWB plan priority: Financial security and poverty reduction

Project Term: Winter 2024

Course Code: BUSI 4709B

Professor: Sujit Sur

Group Members: Nikita Biyen, Tatyanna Burke, Noah Roberts, Carlos Sanchez, Claudèle Vézina


Background: We want to address menstrual health poverty in Ottawa with the help of affiliate universities and the city of Ottawa. We can see that a portion of women in Ottawa can't afford these basic necessity items.

Objective(s): Increase awareness through the Nia education packages and the provisions of chatbots and telephone systems for the 11 percent of women who are living below the poverty line. Giving the menstrual packages not only helps the people who need them it also spreads awareness and knowledge on menstrual health.

Approach: Our team has been working with ZanaAfrica, a social enterprise based in Kenya. Our project in this class consists of developing a strategic plan for a possible expansion of ZanaAfrica into Burkina Faso, through partnerships with established non-profit organizations. We are applying this approach here in Ottawa.

Potential for Impact: We are hoping to reach as many individuals in need as we can, offering products and educational resources in the city's community centres, shelters, community housing.


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